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Swanson Industries Jarvie Engineering has extensive experience and expertise in hydraulic cylinder engineering and precision part manufacturing that provide clients with high quality hydraulic cylinders.

Its priorities are to minimise customer production downtime and facilitate continuous production operations.

The most frequent types of hydraulic cylinders manufactured or refurbished are:

Leg Cylinders for Longwall Coal Mining
Advance Rams
Shearer Cylinders
Heavy Earthmoving Cylinders
Drill Rig Cylinders

Swanson Industries Jarvie Engineering remanufactures all cylinders according to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements where possible and provides firm quotations after assessing the scope of works.

For customer convenience Swanson Industries
  Hydraulic Cylinders
Jarvie Engineering provides cylinder pick-up and delivery and can service clients from the Hunter and Mackay facilities.

The fully equipped hydraulic workshop is designed for the efficient dismantling, assessment,
assembly, and testing of a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, as well as small to medium sized hydraulic pumps and motors.

Swanson Industries Jarvie Engineering offers a wide range of hydraulic services under one roof and a one stop shop for cylinder manufacture, modification, repair and refurbishment, including hard chrome plating.

Seals can be fitted to customer specification and all machining, chrome plating, assembly and testing is conducted in the Swanson Industries Jarvie Engineering workshop assuring complete control over the finished product.

For applications where hard chrome is inadequate, or where bronze plating needs to be refurbished, or where the surface has been scoured or otherwise damaged, Swanson Industries Jarvie Engineering offer a range of surface treatments including polymer impregnation of hard chrome and a variety of materials applied by laser cladding technology.

This laser technology is particularly suited to applications where existing surfaces have been adversely affected by corrosion or wear, and would be scrapped because they are unable to regain integrity through conventional processes.

Densified chrome offers all of the advantages of hard chrome but with an improved corrosion performance, improved lubricity and release properties, and greater overall wear resistance due to reduced friction.

If hydraulic cylinders are damaged beyond repair, Swanson Industries Jarvie Engineering can manufacture or replace standard parts from stock to ensure a fast turnaround, or provide a replacement assembly from a large range of service exchange cylinders held at Newcastle NSW and Mackay QLD, Australia.


Ten vertical 'V' block workstations of 4-6 metre deep pits are serviced by five travelling gantry cranes. Hydraulic torque wrenches able to apply up to 65,000 ft/lbs, facilitate rapid disassembly and construction.


Test bench facilities with capacities up to 1,000 tonne allow for mineral oil, or water emulsion pressure testing of cylinders under restraint up to five metres in length, and 10,000psi.